Vicar Hierald

Vicar Hierald Osorto has a passion for stories hidden out of sight. Maybe that’s why God called him to lead the Office of Religious and Spiritual Life at Ithaca College, where he lifts up the stories of all the different ways students can find belonging, make meaning, collaborate across commitments to take action.

Before studying at Austin Seminary in the heart of Texas, Vicar Hierald was the national program director for Lutheran Volunteer Corps. These days, Vicar Hierald and his husband Ben live in Hector, on the eastern shores of Seneca Lake, where Ben pastors two small Presbyterian churches and where their dog Freddie likes to walk and find dead animals to chew on.

Vicar Hierald’s name reflects his Salvadoran heritage. When you see his name in print, don’t let the “H” throw you off: just remember that the “H” is silent, like in “Hola!” Vicar Hierald is a candidate under care of the Metro DC Synod, and is excited to serve S.t Luke Lutheran Church as its Vicar for the next two years.