Study Hours

St. Luke has a long history of acting like a "community center" for the Collegetown neighborhood. We open our doors to host many meetings and gatherings. In the mid 20th century, the church would remain open 24/7 for anyone who needed a place to pray, study, or sleep. For many reasons this does not work in this day and age. However, St. Luke remains committed to providing a safe, quiet environment for students. St. Luke is now open throughout study week and finals week, providing a safe, staffed environment for students to quietly study alone or in groups. 

*St. Luke will be open from 10am to Midnight (1pm -midnight on Sundays)
*Wireless available throughout the building
*There will be FREE coffee and tea (and often times small snacks too)
*Welcome to bring your own food
*Several small group study rooms available
Study Hours at St Luke Guidelines:
St Luke welcomes you to a place for quiet study. In consideration of other students, please
follow these guidelines.
Quiet study space is available through the building except for the offices of the pastor, the
administrative assistant, the treasurer, and the music director.
Downstairs: the fellowship hall has substantial space. The library and adult education rooms
can be used by individuals or, if available, for group study.
On this floor: tables in the narthex, to your right
Upstairs: classrooms

Exception: if another group has reserved a room, they have priority. See the list posted near
the front door.
The sanctuary is available for prayer and meditation.
Wifi internet is available throughout the building. Follow instructions inside the building on how to login.
The student lounge, to your left, is available for quiet conversation
Coffee and tea are available in the student lounge. If you take drinks to other study areas, please be careful not to spill. Leave dirty mugs in the student lounge sink.
You may bring in snacks and other food. The microwave in the student lounge is available, but
no other cooking please. Please eat meals in the student lounge and clean up after yourself.
Please, no alcohol and no smoking inside the church or on the grounds.
Please, no music that others can hear (radios, CD players).
The church parking lot is reserved for St Luke staff and members. Please do not park in it.
If you have questions, see the St Luke representative who will be in or near the student lounge or office area.