Holy Communion is the main service in Christian worship. The Holy Spirit gathers people together around the Word of God (Jesus and scripture) and the sacraments (Holy Communion, Baptism, and Forgiveness). Together we hear the message of God’s love for the world and Their grace for all its people.

Upcoming Special Services

Sunday Worship


Services of worship and praise following the Evangelical Lutheran Worship liturgies and music.

After worship you may find a coffee hour or social gathering in the narthex (church talk for lobby). Please enjoy refreshments and conversation. Anyone with a name tag will happily answer questions, but folks with colored tags are in specific leadership roles, such as Council (blue), LEAD (yellow), or Ushers (green).


  • First Sunday during the academic year – Forum @
  • Third Sunday – Confirmation
  • Fourth Sunday – Church Council


Children in Worship

Here at St. Luke, we value the participation of people of all ages. As you enter the sanctuary you will notice a large space towards the front where there are no pews. This is the prayerground – a space dedicated for the children. They have projects and activities there to help keep them occupied during the services. Children are present during the entire worship service with easy access to the restrooms and changing room in the nursery. An usher or member of the church will happily show you around if this is your first time visiting.

Baptisms and Confirmation

If you are interested in baptism or confirmation for your child or for you, please contact our pastor. Children and adults can be baptized and confirmed at St. Luke.

Weddings and Funerals

Please contact the pastor for more information about weddings.

St. Luke believes that all people are entitled to a Christian funeral and burial. Whether it is at the funeral home, at the graveside, green burial, cremation, our pastor is available. The sanctuary at St. Luke is also available for funeral services/mass and memorial services. Please coordinate with the pastor and/or your funeral director.