In Charles Dicken’s A Christmas Carol we follow the tale of a cranky old man and the ghosts that visit him. For many, Christmas is not complete without A Christmas Carol. Together we will read this tale and discuss the parallels with our own faith and the Christmas message. The conversation is open to all that wish to join – families, youth, adults, students, ALL. We will have wonderful appetizers if you are not able to grab dinner before we begin our conversation.

Please plan on having your own copy of A Christmas Carol…if you are looking to purchase a book, consider using a small independent book shop like
Odyssey Book Store on Green Street or Buffalo Street Books on Cayuga St. in the Dewitt Mall. Local libraries most likely will have copies as well. If you need assistance purchasing a book, please let the office know.

If you wish to use the discussion book, it is possible to find it online. It seems to be out of print and a bit expensive, however, there are probably a fair number of affordable used copies.

Details: Dickens, Charles, and Stephen Skelton. A Christmas Carol Special Edition: The Charles Dickens classic with Christian insights & discussion questions for groups & families. Standard Publishing, 2009. ISBN 978-0-7847-2391-3

We will take one Stave per week. (You will notice that instead of chapters, the book will have “staves”). The idea is to read one stave before our meetings so we can discuss what we have read using the discussion prompts. After we have our discussion and refreshments, a special musical vespers service will be held in the sanctuary.