Queer and Christian Teen Group

A wise person once said,” it’s easy to be queer in Ithaca. It’s not as easy to be Christian.”

It can be even harder to be a Christian when you or people you love identify as queer and people have said those two things can’t go together.

Queer and Christian Teen Group is hosted by First Congregational Church at 309 Highland Rd. Ithaca

Caregivers are invited to meet for discussion and support in a separate room from the teen meetup.

Pizza or other dinner options will be provided for youth (and parents if there is enough).

Discussion will be facilitated by Director of Children’s and Youth Ministries Anna Sannes and will follow safe church best practices with having a second adult present.

Questions? Concerns? Email Anna at AnnaSannes@fccithaca.org.

You are loved, cherished and accepted exactly as you are.