Peace by Piece Quilting

“Peace by Piece” quilters is a service ministry of St. Luke Lutheran Church. Peace by Piece quilters make mission quilts to be sent by Lutheran World Relief to people in some of the poorest parts of the world as well as to refugees and victims of natural disasters and conflict driven emergencies domestically and around the world.

Various quilters come with enthusiasms for fabric arts, sewing, recycling material, and a desire to provide warm comfort to the needy. They meet on the first and third Thursdays of each month to put together sewn quilt tops with warm filling and fabric backs. These layers are pinned, stitched and finally tied to finish the quilts. Some quilters will use sewing machines to stitch the edges, while others hand tie the quilt layers together. Each quilt is the work of several pairs of hands.

Some quilters choose to work at home making the quilt tops or tying quilts. A few quilters who now live out of state sew for the group. Others support “Peace by Piece” by donating good quality woven fabrics and thread for the quilts, or by contributing to the cost of shipping them overseas (CLICK HERE). The group includes quilters from a variety of other faith communities, some with a lot of experience and others wishing to learn more about how to create quilts and sew.