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LEAD – Living Every Day as Disciples

St. Luke has joined Lutheran Churches around the country in a program, LEAD, to discern our mission in community.

The LEAD Journey is a 3-year transformational process….that delves deeply into listening to God in scripture, in your congregation, and in your neighborhood and focusing your mission around your core values.

Year One is called Tune In.
Year Two is called Wake Up.
Year Three is called Work Out.

LEAD Survey

We’ve been listening: from the assessment five months ago to the transitional focus groups five weeks ago. Your responses have guided the survey questions. Once the surveys have been completed, we will be gathering congregants for a new set of Focus Groups to have personal conversations and gain even more in-depth information about St. Luke.

As always, thank you for your input as we move through this journey, together.
You can access this survey via the button to the right.

We ask that you respond by June 15.

If you would prefer a paper copy, please email the office ([email protected]) or call 607 273-6811, leaving a message if necessary.

We are happy to chat with you if you’d like to learn more. Team members are: Judy Tennant, Susan Hoskins, Kevin Sheets, Beverly Dodici and Beth Dewalt.

Our journey is plotted out on THIS MAP and additional information can be found HERE.

You Spoke — LEAD Listened

You Spoke — LEAD Listened

Your LEAD team held six focus groups to hear congregational reflections related to the transitions we have been experiencing for the past few years. We listened to your thoughtful and honest comments and identified several common themes. Here is what we heard: You are...

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