Diversity and Equity Statement

St. Luke Lutheran Church is a Reconciling in Christ Congregation of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America. To continue welcoming those that have been relegated to the margins of our society and faith tradition, St. Luke has commissioned a group to explore the creation of a comprehensive Diversity, Equity, and inclusion program – DEI at St. Luke.

The following welcome statement was adopted on May 2, 2021:

As a Reconciling in Christ Congregation, the people of St. Luke Lutheran Church are called by God to be a community of Christians, a part of the body of Christ. Because we believe we are one in God’s eyes, we welcome the mix of ages, races, gender identities, physical and mental capabilities, and sexual orientations with which God’s children are blessed. Everyone is invited to share in God’s grace. We rejoice in the knowledge that nothing can separate us from the love of God in Christ Jesus–not our wealth, nor our poverty, nor our nationality, nor our political convictions, nor whom we love, nor anything else in all creation. We are called to follow God’s mission of reconciliation and justice with all humanity, and we celebrate our journey of discipleship with a special appreciation for the privileged responsibility of our campus related ministry.