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Forum @

The first Sunday of each month, children birth through grade 6 enjoy lunch and activities around a Bible/faith theme while their adults attend Forum @ for adults and older siblings are with Forum @ Teens!.


Children and Worship at St. Luke…St. Luke Prayground

Consecrated by the children and Pastor Laurie at her farewell service on February 12, 2023, the St. Luke Prayground stands as the congregation’s commitment to the formation of our youth and their families. In the front of the sanctuary (with a side door for an easy and quick escape to the restrooms or for parents with small children), the Prayground offers a space for kids to occupy themselves during worship. Close enough to see the action on the chancel, but not separated from the heart of the assembly. Chairs for parents with infants are available, and all are encouraged to help support our youngest members in their faith journey – just as children support the adults in theirs.