Campus Ministry

St. Luke church was actually founded as a campus ministry: "the Church at the University Gate." Students continue to be a vital part of the church community.

  1. Student-orientented activites have included
  2. Bible Study 
  3. Friday night movies & cookie-baking
  4. Monthly dinners or lunches in Collegetown
  5. LSM and ecumenical retreats
  6. Welcome Back Lunch, ice cream social, Thank You Picnic with the entire congregation

Our Adopt-a-student program links students to families, creating relationships that provide rides to church, home-cooked meals, a quiet place to study, creating a sense of "home-away-from-home."

 The campus ministry lounge &  kitchen is always available as a place to study, meet up with friends, or prepare a meal. Free soda, tea, and hot chocolate and WiFi.