Ash Wednesday - February 10

February 10, 2016

The season of Lent begins.  Roughly 40 days.  Historically, a time of ‘giving up’ something as an expression of faith and of standing with the central figure of these days: Jesus.

Our theme this Lent asks us to consider whether the journey of these days is done out of fear and terror or out of gratitude and love. 

We all know many expressions of faith that seek to motivate – manipulate? – people from the perspective of fear.  Psychologists tell us that fear is a very powerful force by which to direct or control people.

As we reflect on the Christian faith, is its heart and core for us more akin to terror or to love? 

Our logo for this season centers on the Cross.  That symbol has lots of meanings, interpretations, and understandings.   For this season that central Cross has two notes nailed to it.  Do we see the Cross as God’s ‘ransom note’ or as God’s ‘love letter’?

Our response to that basic, forced-choice question will probably determine the shape of our Lenten journey, devotion, and focus. 

Our response to that question will also determine the shape, content, and character of our discipleship and witness beyond these 40 days.

For further reflection:
What is the primary message of God you hear/see/receive through the Cross?
How do you feel about using fear and terror as a motivational tool of faith?