Dear St. Luke community,

May 5, 2024 is our semi-annual Congregational Meeting. We will gather in the sanctuary after our worship service at 11:30 am – there is also an online option. Simply stay connected to the worship link. The link can be found on our homepage under “worship times.”

At that meeting we will vote on the slate of nominees for the 2024/2025 Council and Committee Chairs. The slate is linked here: Congregational Meeting Info, along with information described below.

We will also be holding a special Congregational Meeting on July 21, 2024 at 11:30 am to vote on an amendment to our bylaws. Per the constitution we need to provide 60 days’ notice before the congregation can vote on any change to the bylaws of the church.

Background information:
At the April 14, 2024 meeting of the Church Council, the attached motion was passed unanimously to amend the bylaws of St. Luke Lutheran Church. It changes the terms of office for the treasurer and vice-treasurer. Additionally, there have been some changes to help ease transitions in the event one of the officers become incapacitated, passes away, or resigns.

The work of the treasurer is complex. In consultation with past financial officers, current financial officers, and other congregations, the Council developed a plan to reflect the complexities of these offices.

We are grateful for the work of our financial officers and took their recommendations (past and present) to reflect a more sustainable model for these offices. Due to this, the treasurer positions will be approved at the July meeting rather than the May.

Again, please click here: Congregational Meeting Info to view the slate of officers to be elected and the proposed amendment to our bylaws.

In peace and partnership,

St. Luke Church Council