FORUM@ and Lunch with LEAD

Following worship on Sunday, March 3

All are invited to share in lunch and a discussion of our Core Beliefs. You may have already viewed a list of dozens upon dozens of descriptors that may or may not describe our congregation. Perhaps you might think that they all describe us – or 20 of them may sound like us…but like every human person…we cannot be everything at all times. God has called us to a specific time, place, and mission. Together we need to listen and discern and ask … what is God calling St. Luke to be now? We will attempt to narrow down to four values that make up the very core of our congregation – from there we can begin to uncover more and more who we are and where we are going. Join the LEAD team for lunch as we begin exploring and having the joy of conversation.

Please sign up in the narthex to bring a dish to pass.