E for Engage

The St. Luke LEAD team participated in training No. 5 on Saturday September 16.  The twelve LEAD Journey trainings, or “learnings,” are half day workshops.  St. Luke is now in the Wake Up phase of the program.  We, as a congregation, will “wake up” to the neighborhood around us and the community in which we find ourselves.

This session focused on identifying our neighbors and preparing to meet with them, face to face, and listen to their stories.   In October, in teams of two, LEAD members will meet with leaders of organizations, local merchants, and resource agency representatives.  We have assembled a list of over 20 possible visits.

Our questions for our neighbors will be open-ended toward understanding their journey.  As we begin to learn about our neighbors, is there a group you think we should get to know?   Send your thoughts to [email protected], or contact any LEAD team member.

In service to the Word,

The St. Luke LEAD Team

  • Judy Tennant, Facilitator
  • Bev Dodici
  • Kevin Sheets
  • Susan Hoskins
  • Beth Dewalt