Your LEAD team held six focus groups to hear congregational reflections related to the transitions we have been experiencing for the past few years. We listened to your thoughtful and honest comments and identified several common themes.

Here is what we heard: You are ready for community! Many of you said we have experienced loss in several ways (e.g., staff transitions and COVID restrictions), but we are now ready to reconnect as a church community. (Coffee hour, greeters, and the Easter Breakfast!) Second, you are ready for action! Many of you talked about a pent-up desire for the congregation to do something, to get moving, to engage. The various transitions and the pandemic limited our opportunities, but now you are eager to go forward. Third, you are ready for clear and purposeful communication! You want to maximize and diversify opportunities for information sharing and transparency. (The new NuHU Weekly and redesigned website!) Finally, you are ready for Document1 So many of you spoke movingly about the ministries at St. Luke that lifted you up (our musical program, our various outreach ministries, family and campus ministries, and the informal personal ministries of friends sharing meals and conversation during coffee hour).

So, what’s next? LEAD’s pause (to facilitate these focus groups in light of Pastor Laurie’s resignation) has given us important feedback. Your LEAD team is sharing our findings with you and the Church Council. This summer we will reconnect with our LEAD journey and again ask your support to help us conclude our First Year “Tune In” process with a congregational survey and some additional focus groups. Then we turn to our neighbors in Collegetown to discern their needs and the gifts we have to offer. We thank God for your continued support and interest in LEAD.

A word cloud has been created for each of the groups that met. If you would like to view the word clouds, listed here at random (not in order of groups that met), please click HERE.