Well, if we can tell by the jubilant celebration on Sunday and the wonderful breakfast (literally breaking our long fast from Easter gatherings due to the pandemic and such) — Christ is Risen!

I wish I could send personal thank you notes to everyone that made Holy Week and Easter such a blessed time. Thank you to those that participated in Holy Week – most humble thanks to those that tried something new by attending a service or two for the first time. Thank you to our musicians and service assistants. Thank you to our organizers for the breakfast and those that volunteered to help out, to clean up, thank you. Thank you to those who joined us online, and those that may have offered an invitation to a friend or family member to come to church with them.

If ever in doubt about the resurrection, just look at what is possible when we come back together. So many things, far too many things, have changed since the pandemic. But to see the power of the resurrection right in front of us has remained.

Christ is Risen!

Easter is not over though. Did you know that the Easter season is one of the longest in our liturgical calendar? 50 days, Eastertide as many call it, helps us to hear the story of our faith and history after Jesus’s resurrection. This culminates in the Feast of Pentecost. But first, let us enjoy this Easter season. One of the new opportunities we will embark upon for this year is a Bible Study looking at the Acts of the Apostles – or simply Acts. Acts appears in our lectionary for Eastertide and it might be helpful to walk through it. The information can be found below.

I wish you all a very happy Eastertide and look forward to our coming days together.

Peace and joy

Pr. Jason Churchill